Monday, September 28, 2009

Ten Over the Next Ten

I attended Ten over the Next Ten last Tuesday, which was presented at Grand River Connection's 4th Tuesday event at Michigan State University's Breslin Center. I was at the peak of my awkwardness, due to mind exhaustion (I blame grad school.) However, it was a fun event and exciting to see deserving people win the award.

Justin Cain, one of the night's winners.

Paul Jaques and Erik Larson

It was fun being back in the Breslin Center. In school, I was never into basketball, but I worked on production staff for three years. A little stroll down memory lane.

The booze was plentiful.

Rory Neuner, another one of the night's winners.

For all the photos, here.

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lauralynn said...

No, YOU are cute! =] You sound like one really hardworking woman! Good for you!