Friday, June 11, 2010

Nicole & Jeremiah

I first met Jeremiah when Nicole brought along her new man to my 21st birthday dinner. They were a brand new couple then, introduced through mutual friends and you could tell they were both smitten. And now three years later, they're still madly in love and now happily married! It's so neat to see the two of them still smitten but with the love and trust couples develop over time. Congratulations Nicole and Jeremiah! Here are just a few photos from their day!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jenn & kyle

Jenn has been a best friend of mine since high school. We spent the beginnings of our friendship dressed in blue corduroy for FFA competing together, working at the local grocery store and then we began counting down the days to college together. We both went to Michigan State University and the smarty pants has always had the goal of becoming a veterinarian, a goal she set so long ago and is now two years away from achieving.

A couple years ago she spent the summer working at a summer camp where she met Kyle, an outgoing undergraduate at Depauw University. I remember Jenn being so giddy over this Kyle character! The first year of their relationship was long distance with Kyle finishing school in Indiana and now Kyle lives in Lansing! 

Kyle is the perfect complement to Jenn. While she is so focused, Kyle makes her laugh (and everyone else around) and relax. This September, she'll marry Kyle and I couldn't be more thrilled. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I love them both.







To see a few more photos, click here!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Mensing Family

I photographed the Mensing family yesterday morning and was greeted with the biggest grin from Gretchen and Chris' two year old son, Brendan. Right then I knew I'd have a blast. Brendan has such an infectious smile and everything he thing he did from dancing on his little toy quad to splashing relentlessly through puddles I found absolutely precious. Chris, Gretchen and Brendan were so much fun to photograph and we spent an hour around their yard and around a park and photographed them in their element--which is how I feel the best photos turn out. I love being able to capture little moments. Thank you for letting me photograph your family!

As I was leaving, Brendan waved to me and said "Bye Annnreahh" My heart sank. A few more photos on Flickr!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dee & Brian's wedding

Dee & Brian were married on Saturday, March 20 in Grand Ledge and it was a beautiful affair. I work with Dee and I remember meeting Brian when they first began to date. Right away, he was involved in her daughters' lives, getting dinner with a group of us and going to see one of the daughter's perform lead in a play. Love blossomed from there!

Dee & Brian are an absolutely fun and beautiful couple. I really looked forward to shooting their wedding and being a part of their day. I struggled to maintain composure because the wedding party was constantly cracking jokes and just having such a fun time. I kept giggling throughout the day. Such characters! I loved how involved Brian was involved in the wedding process. From creating the invitations to writing up the detailed itinerary to designing the wooden hearts above the fireplace in the background of a few photos below, he was very much involved and you can tell just how much he loves Dee.

Congratulations Dee & Brian!


A few more photos at flickr!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I photographed a senior portrait session with Ashley a couple Sundays ago. She's graduating this year! This gorgeous girl was a blast to photograph, especially with her older sister, Jenny and mom, Mary assisting in the shoot. Ashley is so laidback--even as her sister and mom hoisted her up into vined ledges of silos for pictures and as the rain and wind swept her hair around, she was comfortable and confident.

I still have a ton more left to edit! A couple more are on my flickr page!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas 2009

I spent Christmas with my family in Muskegon. Here are a couple photos I took from the day.

My cousin Alena and her son, Trae. Alena is probably the most outspoken and loud person I know. Growing up, she was extremely rambunctious. It's interesting to see how reserved she becomes with her child and how caring she is as a new mother. 
alena & trae

Sienna and Gabrielle are my cousin, Roselea's children. Rose'lea is a couple months younger than I am and we grow up together. We're more like sisters, so I call these girls my nieces. They are so smart and incredibly adorable.
sienna & gabrielle

Sunday, December 20, 2009

jimmie again

Yesterday, I photographed Jimmie Deeghan again. This time we had more direction and I'm so pleased with how these turned out. I'm actually super excited about these. I had a hard time choosing which to post. There are so many more.

We started out at my loft. I love window light and instead of busting out the lighting equipment, I took advantage of the nice light coming in. Jimmie had the brilliant idea to create a sign with the name of his album and it's release date. So before photos, we had an arts and crafts hour. Or rather he did. I contributed to the number "2"'s since he writes those loopy two's.



He looks like Michael C. Hall (guy who plays Dexter Morgan in the show, Dexter) especially with the red paint and the white shirt.




We snuck into the Bean building on Cedar St. to get these shots. Thanks Chris VanWyck for the idea to shoot there! The building was a little creepy, but it was the perfect location.






More at Flickr