Saturday, September 26, 2009

IgniteLansing 2.0

So IgniteLansing 2.0 was spectacular. In between making sure speakers were lined up and ready to go, I took some photos.

Ignite took place at the Old Town Temple Building. Formerly a church, then used as a venue, and now soon to be office space. We secured the building as the facility to host the second Ignite before renovations have been completed. Even though it was unfinished, I loved the way it looked just as it was. Peeling paint, stained glass windows and just how open it is inside. I went there a couple times in the beginning of college to see some of my friends' bands and some others such as the Audition, As Cities Burn, Russian Circles, etc. Oh nostalgia.

Spartan Dischords, an all male a cappella group from Michigan State University opened the event with their performance.

I coerced my friend, Tom to submit a topic. Somehow, among 47 submissions his seemingly boring topic, "the food we eat" was among the top 15 selected to present during Ignite. And he won out of his group.

Bil Moore also won out of his group. His presentation on "clunkers for cash" helped me realize how much money I'm wasting on my new 2009 Chevy Malibu. Thanks Bil.

Steve Jencks, the winner from the last group, presented on how to survive a B movie. Helpful tips to survive horror flicks included "don't get in a shower or get nekkid"

I just liked this picture. Justin did a great job on his presentation though, as did everyone.

Tieka and Tom!


Courtney said...

I wish I would have been there! Especially to see Tom speak! I bet he was fun to watch! I just realized I haven't even seen your new car in person yet! SO MUCH to look forward to on Friday!! :)

andrea k said...

Haha it was funny because NONE of his pictures worked..i take that started to load so half of his presentation was essentially missing.

I cannot wait to see you on Friday! And ben! reunion!

thilk said...

First of all Andrea, you're 'about me' makes me laugh, I won't go into detail.

Second of all, my "seemingly boring topic" is not a nice thing to write as a caption. That makes me sad.

Thirdly, I deleted the pics you had on my computer. They disturbed me.

That is all

andrea k said...


Oops forgot to delete those off your desktop HAHAHAH.