Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dee & Brian's wedding

Dee & Brian were married on Saturday, March 20 in Grand Ledge and it was a beautiful affair. I work with Dee and I remember meeting Brian when they first began to date. Right away, he was involved in her daughters' lives, getting dinner with a group of us and going to see one of the daughter's perform lead in a play. Love blossomed from there!

Dee & Brian are an absolutely fun and beautiful couple. I really looked forward to shooting their wedding and being a part of their day. I struggled to maintain composure because the wedding party was constantly cracking jokes and just having such a fun time. I kept giggling throughout the day. Such characters! I loved how involved Brian was involved in the wedding process. From creating the invitations to writing up the detailed itinerary to designing the wooden hearts above the fireplace in the background of a few photos below, he was very much involved and you can tell just how much he loves Dee.

Congratulations Dee & Brian!


A few more photos at flickr!