Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jenn & kyle

Jenn has been a best friend of mine since high school. We spent the beginnings of our friendship dressed in blue corduroy for FFA competing together, working at the local grocery store and then we began counting down the days to college together. We both went to Michigan State University and the smarty pants has always had the goal of becoming a veterinarian, a goal she set so long ago and is now two years away from achieving.

A couple years ago she spent the summer working at a summer camp where she met Kyle, an outgoing undergraduate at Depauw University. I remember Jenn being so giddy over this Kyle character! The first year of their relationship was long distance with Kyle finishing school in Indiana and now Kyle lives in Lansing! 

Kyle is the perfect complement to Jenn. While she is so focused, Kyle makes her laugh (and everyone else around) and relax. This September, she'll marry Kyle and I couldn't be more thrilled. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I love them both.







To see a few more photos, click here!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Mensing Family

I photographed the Mensing family yesterday morning and was greeted with the biggest grin from Gretchen and Chris' two year old son, Brendan. Right then I knew I'd have a blast. Brendan has such an infectious smile and everything he thing he did from dancing on his little toy quad to splashing relentlessly through puddles I found absolutely precious. Chris, Gretchen and Brendan were so much fun to photograph and we spent an hour around their yard and around a park and photographed them in their element--which is how I feel the best photos turn out. I love being able to capture little moments. Thank you for letting me photograph your family!

As I was leaving, Brendan waved to me and said "Bye Annnreahh" My heart sank. A few more photos on Flickr!